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Promotion of Access to Information Act

I.t.o. PAIA all businesses (regardless of their size of legal form) must have a manual detailing how interested parties can access certain information. Most small businesses had an extention granted till 31 December 2011. This issue was not widely reported & known, and caused a bit of a stir towards late 2011, when people suddenly realised this had to be done. At the time there were uncertainty regarding who need to do it, and whether there would be further extentions.

On 30 December 2011 an extention was granted for most small businesses, until 31 December 2015. See below for the government notice in this regard.

Extention 2015 GN-3419

PAIA Article

PAIA manual deadline for private bodies

PAIA GUIDE english


Form C Request for access


Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000

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