We offer a full range of financial management and accounting services needed by the SME business. Depending on your circumstances and needs, we will tailor-make a solution to suit your needs.

Our services consist of the following:

Closed Corporation Accounting Officer!

CIPC is in te process of deregistering  cc’s that have not appointed the statutory required Accounting Officer. Is your business on this CC deregistration list? Contact us to avoid deregistration, become compliant, and get a great accounting service while you are at it.

Affordable Small&Micro-business accounting & compliance:

Just because you are a small business, without big cashflows, does not mean you have less risks as far as managing your business, finances, staff and SARS compliance is concerned.

For the absolutely most affordable solution to SMME accounting, see what we can offer you.

Financial consulting:

Financial & related consulting. With extensive experience in different business functions and different industries, and the world-renowned CA(SA) qualification, I am an ideal solution to your consulting needs. Examples include help in the financial department when you are still growing and not yet fully staffed; relieve during busy periods (i.e. financial year-end or important projects); reporting help during your month-end crunch-time; processes & template development; software implementation.

Start-up business package:

Most start-up business owners need assistance to get the financial, governance & administration side of their new business up and running. Our startup package is designed with this person in mind. We will advise you about the financial and related aspects of your business. Our package includes:

  • Business advise with face to face meetings to discuss your requirements;
  • Accounting and salaries taken care of;
  • SARS registration, requirements and submissions.

Contact us to find out how we can be of assistance.

Accounting & financial management:

  • Daily, monthly and annual bookkeeping
  • Invoicing, bank reconciliation, debtors & creditors
  • Monthly management information pack. Customised to your needs. Tax optimisation always included.
  • Annual financial statements
  • Acting as accounting officer for closed corporations
  • Catch-up and backdated accounting
  • NPO accounting
  • External financial statement preparation

For companies with a PIS under 350, external preparation of Annual Financial Statements according to IFRS for SME’s (avoid the statutory burden of an external audit if you have internally prepared Annual Financial Statements)


  • Temporary, weekly and monthly staff
  • Payslips for staff
  • Tax compliance and SARS submissions
  • UIF submissions
  • Salary structure (tax optimisation)


Are you aware of the SARS requirement that only suitably qualified and experienced persons are allowed to be a tax practitioner? With a CA (SA) as your tax practitioner, you can rest assured that you are compliant.

  • Monthly compliance & returns:
    • VAT
    • PAYE (employees tax), UIF & SDL (EMP201)
  • Income tax: Provisional, Annual returns, SARS liaison & correspondence
  • Tax registration; tax clearance certificates
  • Corporate & personal tax
  • Tax advice

Other business functions:

  • Consulting services during business set-up
  • General business advice
  • Company secretarial functions:
    • Company registrations
    • Changes to name, members / directors, etc
    • Annual return

Although our fees are based on hourly rates, we prefer to charge a fixed monthly fee. This makes planning for you more certain, eliminating unplanned-for fee surprises, and leaves our staff free to concentrate on service delivery rather than keeping time records. Fees will depend on the services required, and the mix of staff & skills involved in the delivery. So please contact us to discuss your needs and to request a quote.